Friday, January 7, 2011

In which I divulge the extent of my very afraid.

In honor of my impending school-mandated quarantine, where-in I am restricted to the study of all things educational and no fun, unless you count sleep as fun. (And I do.) I thought I would share a glimpse of how nerdtastic I really can be. You've had your suspicions, but I don't think you realize how ridiculous I can be. Here goes:

Does anyone watch the TV show Glee? High school hijinks, set to showtunes and pop music, what's not to love? Recently, a new character has thickened the plot of Glee. For those of you who do watch, it's Blaine, Kurt's new crush, who sings with the Warblers. (side note: love their "Baby it's Cold Outside"!) Oh, I haven't even scratched the surface of my pocket-protecting society. Do you ever have that feeling that you've seen such-and-such actor somewhere before and it's killing you, because you can't remember where? That's the feeling I had with Blaine, or Darren Criss (the actor).

I figured out how I knew him. I think you should respect that I am willing to shatter my cool kid rep to share this with you.

When he was in college, he and some friends wrote and produced a musical that became a YouTube phenomenon. Meaning that they had millions of viewers. So maybe most of these viewers were teenage girls. And me.

That's him. Harry Potter. The musical version. Still want to admit you know me?

There's a sequel. Yep. I know. I should get outside, breathe some fresh air more often. It's not even that I've merely seen them. I'm not the only person entertained by the randomness of YouTube. But I actually think they're kind of funny. Not accurate, sometimes over the top, but you can tell they're fans of the books, and gosh darnit, I like it. I definitely wasn't that talented in college. Or now.

I can say I remember Darren Criss when he was covering Disney songs in his dorm room.

Some people find the super rad new music. I find musicals based on children's books. Hm. I won't drop out of school to become a talent agent. But I do feel better admitting my inner geek shines brightly. I will now go buy some skinny jeans, get an asymmetrical haircut and read Nietzsche outside an indy bookstore to prove that I am cooler than you. And I will never admit to any knowledge of this post.