Sunday, October 18, 2009

So I have been doing some reading. I have also been doing some forgetting. I forget to share what's new, like what I've read, which is the point of this blog. The point of the blog as far as I know. I believe the blog may have a mind of it's own and I can only do what it wills, it's very sneaky. So don't be alarmed at any wild surprises.

I'm rambling.

So a quick recap of what I've been reading:

The Dark Lover by J.R. Ward; Not what I expected. All four of the books in this post were recommended by my internet friends (not to be confused with face to face friends or t.v. friends) at paperback swap. I thought this was a Stephanie Plum-esque series but with vampires. I do like a good urban fantasy book now and again and again and again...Anyway, this book was more than I bargained for. It had a little of that urban grit to it, but it was a bodice-ripping romance novel disguised as a nice little vampire book. It was a little too raunchy for me, but I still trust my internet friends, Ward's take on the vampire myth was interesting and the non-romance novel parts were alright.

The Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead; Before you think I'm on this huge vampire kick, let me reiterate that these are recommendations that I've received recently, so the quicker I get through them and mail them out, the sooner I get new books. And people keep recommending books about vampires. Blame Stephenie Meyer, not me. This is definitely geared to a young adult crowd. Not people who like to read young adult novels, but angst ridden, too young to drive but old enough to know everything, young adults. I had actually seen this book a while ago at a bookstore and put it down because it didn't look like a book I would like. Yes, I judged a book by its cover. But people (internet friends) kept saying how hooked they were on the series I had to give it a shot. Meh. Not my favorite. But I feel like it could be good, so since I already have book 2 in the series, I'm going to to see where the story goes. Then I'll follow up with an opinion better than meh. I know, who sums up a book like that? Lame.

Bella at Midnight by Diane Stanley; A retelling of Cinderella. The feminist in me cringes to admit my love of Cinderella stories. I love fairy tales. I love Cinderella stories. Not Disney-fied, the real fairy tales people! Not that there is anything wrong with Disney. But that's just not what we're talking about today. I have read many (many) Cinderella retellings, and don't forget my confessed love for them, so of course I liked this one. It is a proper, satisfying once-upon-a-time/happily-ever-after tale. A clever, original retelling, and I found myself more in love with the supporting characters than the main ones. Even the antagonistic characters. By rotating the point of view, the author showed them as flawed and hurt, so although they did despicable things, you knew they hadn't always been despicable people. I really liked the shifting point of view, I think that is why I enjoyed so many of the supporting characters, and it didn't interrupt the flow of the story, so it really worked.

And (finally!) Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan; I wanted this book to be longer. I want to go to Africa now, too. Told from Rachel's point of view, a young girl living in Africa with her missionary parents, it is her voice that makes this novel poignant. She tells her story so beautifully and simply that it feels true. I just wish there had been more of it.

I promise not to procrastinate so long next time so that I don't burden readers (or, I think it's actually just reader) with such a long rambling post. Someone really should intervene when I decide to do this at 3 am. It's just not right.


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