Thursday, August 20, 2009


What happens to the Internet when I try to start a blog.

Thursday August 20, 2009

It never fails that the minute I think I have something worthwhile to share with the blogosphere, trucks with flashing lights appear outside my house and suddenly my computer denies me access to life’s blood, the world wide web (melodramatic gasp). Okay so, in reality (which I try to avoid) the cable company is doing some work outside that seems to have knocked out internet access. Hopefully this is only a temporary setback and not an omen to cease my attempts at bloggy communication...or else (insert maniacal laughter here.) Is it bad that I am considering running out to those cable guys in my pajamas and asking them what the heck they think they’re doing to a poor girl? Then again, I live on a pretty busy street and my pajamas have monkeys on them, what would the neighbors think?

I feel like I’ve adequately broken the ice now that you all know what I wear to bed. I should tell you that juicy little tidbits like that are not what this blog is about, no sir. Okay so I have a confession, I just started this blog about five minutes ago so who am I to say what direction this little monster is going to take? I can, however, tell you my intentions. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to read it, that way we’re both being honest with each other. Look at that, what a great start! I can see this is going to be a beautiful thing we’re going to have together, can you see what’s blossoming?

Sorry about that, I’m getting a little carried away. Anyway, my intentions for this humble blog is for it to be a place that I can share books, recipes, and various other tidbits that I think are awesome. I like to read. A lot. But what is the use of reading a great book if you can’t tell anyone about it? I hope that you’ll want to hear what I have to say, and that you have stories to share with me, too.

Now where are my slippers? I think it’s time I had a word with those (grrrrr) nice young men outside trying to ruin repair the cable....


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