Thursday, September 24, 2009

I've finally finished Forest Born by Shannon Hale! I must preface this post by saying I knew I was going to like this book before I read it. The narrative voice or maybe the writing style of this series, is intricate, weaving lush narration with subtle humor and have strong, engaging, three dimensional characters. They have the magic of fairy tales, and characters that stick with you. I love these books, I think people mistake them as slow moving, but I disagree. They are refreshing and different, set apart from dime-a-dozen novels by the author's obvious love of her characters and painstaking attention to the details of this world she has created. Hale is an author that I would buy a book from without knowing the content because I appreciate her writing.

Okay, enough hero worship. Forest Born introduce Rin, a girl who is ruled by fear. Fear of showing who she really is. Fear in not really knowing who she really is. As with a good tale, she embarks on a physical and emotional journey and amidst adventure and danger begins to learn who she can be. I've over-simplified this, but if you decide to read this, you can see how complex and beautiful this simple story really is. I would actually star by reading Goose Girl, but from there you may have enough background to read Forest Born, but why skip the books between?


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