Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is my to-be-read pile of books. I rummage through 2nd hand bookstores, bargain bins, online clearances, and book swaps looking for books I've been meaning to read. And this is what has happened. I don't want to pass up good deals, but I am buying faster than I can read. And I can read pretty fast. It's overwhelming now, I feel like I'm in school and this is my required reading. I've tried to curtail the buying , but I keep breaking the rules. I mean, who turns down free books? I also tell myself that I can only get books from my "wishlist" but then I keep finding new books I wish to have. At this rate, I have enough to read for at least a year. Does that stop me? Um, no. I'm sick, book shopping is like a comfort food to me, and I can't stay away from book recommendations from people I trust. So I implore you all to stop telling me about great books, at least for a year or two. Even if I beg, plead or cry at your feet. I'm serious. My house is a fire hazard. And if you see me at a bookstore, shoo me with brute force if necessary.

P.S. This is what happens if you have a chihuahua and she feels ignored by your picture-taking
She wants to make sure that all household activities involve (revolve around) her. She also gets mad if you are downloading pictures and not holding her royal self.


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