Sunday, January 17, 2010


Does anyone watch American Idol? It's that one show that I don't admit I watch, well that and one that I won't tell, I have to maintain a scrap of dignity. Anyway, If you saw last week's Atlanta audition you saw this shenanigan:

Normally, these things are just silly, people's pleas for attention, and I didn't really think anything of it,
let the cute little man have his fun. But apparently he was part of the civil rights movement and a student
of Dr. King. Huh. And now he's all over the internet of course, singing about pants. But what I like are
that people are actually covering his song, including this guy, a former contestant on the show:

Not too bad.

What a strange, strange world. I think I'll stick to reading, TV is messing with my mind.


Kelly said...

I need to know what the other show is that you won't admit you watch :)

jenny said...

Um, well, I'll tell you next time I see you, I can't write it down, that's like really admitting it.

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